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 June- 15 2010  >>>  RockTrax Records has new release projects that are currently being compiled,  bands wanting to submit should  send  recorded covers songs in to be considered

Calling all Jackyl fans and bands!

A big "hello" to everyone from RockTrax Records. There is a Jackyl tribute cd currently being compiled. That will feature cool bands covering some great versions of Jackyl songs,

(bands wanting to submit should contact RockTrax Records)

When most record labels release a cd, the fans don't get to decide the artwork design that their favorite band will have, But RockTrax is totally turning the tables on the normal production. RockTrax is letting the fans design the artwork! YES! the fans! so here's your chance to show Jackyl how much you have enjoyed them over the years. Fans can send in ideas, pictures, designs, or whatever they like. Of course all can't be included but, "the best" submissions will. And as a bonus your name will be in the artwork credits on the cd. (something to show all your friends that your a big shot)
Send submissions to:
RockTrax Records
p.o. box 7003
Huntsville, AL. 35807

re-lauch the new look for RockTrax Records, 

The images for the Damon Johnson dvd project were sent to Rance at Meltdown Productions and Damon is to proof the dvd soon.

Hey, just a note to update everyone on the Damon Johnson dvd project. RXR just sent Rance at Meltdown Productions the collection of performances / TV interviews which include some cool stuff from... Friday Night Videos all 4 performances / Conan O'Brien Show / all the Virgin Records released videos / Spotlight Interview from Canada /Jim Haggerty Show / Rick n Bubba Show / lots of early interviews, and much more. This dvd is gonna ROCK folks, more news from Meltdown and RockTrax soon.

For all you guys that havent heard yet...  RockTrax Records has  joined in with Rance at Meltdown Productions on the Damon Johnson dvd project. I have been going through hours and hours of video and items that I have collected throughout the years, which include interviews and music shows broadcast, tour items ect, through Damon's career. alot of Brother Cane items also. The Road tribute to Brother Cane cd insert photo features only a small part of what Im speaking of. Hey if you think KISS produced some merch, wait till you see this stuff.

The Road" A Tribute to Brother Cane  hits Italy Radio, dj Federico Martinelli from The Rock Invasion at Antenna2 has been spinning the sounds of "The Road". The show on 8/5/04 included Black Label, Loaded Dice, Leaderdog, Half Down Thomas, and the show on 8/17/04 included Rain, Lonesome Moe, Mike Farris, and The SouthernRockAllstars... many thanks Federico from RockTrax Records













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