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The Road A Tribute To Brother Cane

This album pays tribute to one of the best bands of the early 90s era and features an excellent collection of different artists that show their appreciation in remembering Brother Cane for amazing playing and well structured songwriting. A Tribute to Brother Cane promises to be one of the best tribute albums ever!  Available throughCdBaby/Tower Records/CdSmash




Southern Rock Allstars----------( I Lie In The Bed I Make )
Loaded Dice----------( The Road )
Mike Farris of the Screamin'Cheetah Wheelies ---( Voice Of Eujena )
Rollin' in the Hay----------( Got No Shame )
Leaderdog---------- ( And Fools Shine On )
Black Label----------(Hard Act To Follow)
Catch 22 Band---------- ( Hung On A Rope )
Eden Automatic---------- ( The Truth )
Brooklyn Shea----------( Breadmaker )
HalfDown Thomas----------( Kerosene )
XIII ----------( Mirror Ball )
---------- (That Dont Satisfy Me)
King Virtue----------( Woman )
Lonesome Moe----------( Stones Throw Away )
Sweatin" Booze----------( Where Was I To Know )
David Aaron----------( Wishpool )
The Pozers----------( Machete )
Saylor Anderson----------( Lead My Follow )

*PLUS a bonus track*
Public Awareness Message from Damon Johnson (Brother Cane ) for R.A.D.D. RockTrax Records supports R.A.D.D. 
(Recording Artists Against Drunk Driving)



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